A mother of two from Walthamstow, east London, today admitted her life on Instagram, with over 80,000 followers, is a complete and utter lie.

Before a packed forum on Mumsnet, mum Serena Dubois was forced to confess as a number of allegations were hurled at her by irate women; all very liberal with the angry emoji.

Among the revelations, Serena conceded to never laughing in the rain with her kids, being a regular user of the Juno filter and not really knowing what the peace sign means, despite using it for virtually every shot on her account.

“Do you even have any black friends?” demanded one Mumsnetter.

“No, none” said Serena, with a subsequent sad face icon. “They were just people in Starbucks whose soya lattes I paid for.”

The truth behind the Insta-sham was revealed when it transpired that deceiving Serena had cropped out an NCT friend from a post, for being too fat and ugly.

“She told me that my Matalan jeggings really let the shot down,” said the fat and ugly NCT friend. “She said that if I made the effort to look less mumsy and more like Rihanna, I might have made the shot.”

“I just feel really let down,” said one follower. “If I’d have known she had a fat and ugly NCT friend, I would have never have followed her. I feel cheated – like I’ve lost hours of my life that I can never get back.”

Serena, whose real name it transpires is Sally Dobson, has promised to reimburse the thousands of pounds she earnt from deals with Baby Boden and newly-launched line, Smug Mother.

“I’m sorry for the upset I’ve caused,” she added. “If it’s any consolation, I haven’t misled people about everything – I am genuinely very pretty and thin.”

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