A 35-year-old mother of an only child has received an OBE for her services to parenting.

“I’m thrilled to be bestowed with such an honour,” said Debbie Hargreaves, mum to six-year-old Gemma. “Friends are always grateful when I offer a bit of advice, or share my vast experience with them. I’ve been a mother for six whole years now, so there’s not much I don’t know. My sister-in-law has even hilariously nicknamed me, Mother Superior!

“But all joking aside, I do like to offer my parenting expertise whenever I can. I even helped a stranger out in Co Op the other day, when I suggested she try a nice soothing tone instead of a Freddo Frog to placate her tantruming three-year-old.

“I think my generosity must have overwhelmed her, because she didn’t say anything, but I’m sure I heard her repeatedly wishing me luck as I walked away – and calling me a ‘complete and utter brick’ for my assistance.”

Debbie, from Nuneaton, added she plans to travel to Africa soon to teach the people of Kenya how to better their attachment-parenting styles.

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