Celeb mum still to shed four whole pounds – DAYS after giving birth

Lotta Cleevedge, star of The Only Way is Maidenhead, stunned onlookers at a shopping centre when she was spotted sporting a slightly thicker midriff – SIX DAYS after giving birth.

“She had sunglasses on and was trying to hide behind a Sudocrem display at Mothercare, but it was definitely her,” said shopper Bet Judgy, while cramming Krispy Kremes down her gullet. “I couldn’t believe the size of her – she was definitely carrying four, maybe five, pounds of extra weight. She looked proper shit.”

Fitness expert Nartsi Betch, described Lotta’s excess flab as inexcusable and a sign of bone idleness: “She’s a total disgrace. Her baby is almost a week old! She should be running half marathons while breastfeeding, at this stage.”

Her fans were similarly outraged. “How dare that fat fucker walk around like that,” trolled Mike Ockismall, in the Daily Male’s comments section. “Who will I think about now while I touch myself under my Man United duvet, trying to keep focus as my mum draws the curtains on the landing?”

Lotta’s agent Maxie Spin declined to comment on Lotta’s massive baby weight, but did confirm ITV’s Loose Women has booked her to talk about representing ‘real mums’, despite her being about 1000 pounds lighter than the average new mother.

“I can also say,” added Maxie, “Lotta will likely be crediting any future weight loss to ‘running around after a baby’, and not the very expensive personal trainer she’s hired for a forthcoming shoot with OK! mag.”

Asked for her thoughts on this, mum of four Sue Sleepy – once she stopped laughing – said: “What a crock of fucking shit. I lost no weight whatsoever ‘running around after a baby’. It just gave me a massive appetite for wine. And cake. But mostly wine.”

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